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Many web sites that are seeking your advertising dollar have no traffic data to offer as an indicator of how many people will be viewing your message. Many of those that do have only limited histories for review. To trust your Internet advertising dollars to someone without traffic data would be like buying radio time without Arbitron information or television spots without Nielsen data. has more than five (5) years of traffic history so that you have a solid information base from which to make your advertising decision.

June 2009 and Moving Forward

Google Analytics

Effective with our redesign and redeployment, began using Google Analytics as our tool for traffic monitoring and reporting. Analytics represents a significant step forward in traffic reporting. Not only does it provide exhaustive tools to review traffic (page views, visitor counts, referral sources, and more than most can imagine, or understand) but by placing the reporting function in the hands of a third party it also offers a reasonable guarantee of impartiality. For advertisers that are preparing to make a final ad buy decision, will provide a limited access view of our Analytics data direct from Analytics' site. In this way you can see, directly, that the numbers that we are reporting are accurate.

Clearly this represents only the most recent traffic levels. However, over time we will build up a significant repository of information with Analytics which will continue to be available for advertiser review. Further, the Analytics data serves to validate the accuracy of our five years of historical data as to page views of our site since May 2004.

Quantcast Audience Profile

In early June we began automated reporting of traffic data to Quantcast. Quantcast uses some interesting methodologies to correlate not only traffic counts but to also develop user demographic information. At this time we don't have enough history to provide useful information but we hope to see this tool develop throughout the rest of this year.


We are also looking into adding the services of as a secondary reporting service to cross-correlate and validate the Analytics data. This decision will be made by the end of the summer in order that we can have complete data from dual sources for the 2009-2010 season.

May 2004 through May 2009

Prior to our redesign/redeployment our traffic statistics were kept using WebTrends reports generated from our server log files. Correlating our historical data to the (presumably) more accurate Analytics data has shown some flaws in our historical reporting of site visits and unique visitors, but validated our historical page count data. We will be making the page count information for the entire period available later this summer.

Seasonal Traffic Patterns

Our data shows that from 2004 through 2009, has delivered an average of just under 2.4 million page views annually. About thirty-one percent (31%) of this traffic is in the three month span from March to May, about thirty-two percent (32%) is in the three months of June through August, and the remaining thirty-seven percent (37%) is in the remaining six months of September through February.

The March to May period gets a big boost from Spring Break traffic. It's a toss-up as to whether March or June represents our busiest month! Oh... And hurricanes are good as well (at least for traffic, if not for the beach).  Any time a hurricane approaches we see a significant jump in visitors.

Traffic Sources

About half our traffic comes from "direct connections". This means that many people have bookmarked our site and check in on a regular basis. From an advertising perspective, this means that your banner is getting repeat views by this portion of our audience. Much like the billboard that someone passes each day on the way to work, even if they're not ready to buy/rent/charter today, when they are ready your name will be bouncing around in their mind.

Another twenty percent (20%) of our traffic is from referrals. These are links from other sites which have audiences with some interest in the beach and our region. These visitors are already examining sites/products which are likely to have overlap with yours, and represent an opportunity to get your name into the pool for consideration.

And the final thirty percent (30%) of visits are referrals from search engines. consistantly ranks high in searches related to the North Florida beach area. Whether they're looking at the beach to make a travel decision, checking out area events, or looking at dining, entertainment, or fishing options, you have the chance to make your offering known.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Needs looks forward to working with you to develop an ad (or an entire campaign) that puts your "product" (from condo rentals to charter fishing, from fine dining to water parks) front and center well over two million (that's 2,000,000) times each year. Contact us and let us help you boost your traffic by leveraging our traffic!

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