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Ad rates for our redesigned site are currently under review. Existing agreements will, of course, be honored through the duration of their term. In addition, as existing agreements come due for renewal we have already committed to working with those that have honored us with their trust in the past to make the transition to the new advertising rate structure as painless as possible. That last comment should be a hint: based on information that our new design makes available it is likely that rates are going to be trending upward. Several factors will influence rates and these are discussed at Beachview Info . Sponsorship . Advertising Rates.

The rates and information displayed here are provisional and will be subject to change until July when the card will be finalized for the coming season.

Contract Period

All rates shown are for a one year term commencing 01 September 2009 and continuing through 31 August 2010. Advertisers who sign contracts between now and the start of the contract term will receive banner positions at no charge for the balance of the 2008-2009 period.

Advertisers who sign contracts after 01 September 2009 will have an upward rate adjustment applied. Remember that traffic is higher in the months at the end of the contract period. As an example, let's assume a monthly rate of $200 for a particular ad on an annual agreement. Revenue generated for the site is $2400 yearly. An advertiser wants to sign up effective the beginning of March. S/he would receive approximately two-thirds of the annual traffic but (without an adjustment) would pay only half of the annual rate. That's not fair to us or to the other advertisers.

For each month after 01 September 2009 that your contract term begins, an adjustment of five percent (5%) will be applied to the monthly rate, to a maximum of thirty percent (30%). Our hypothetical advertiser is starting six months late, so that maximum adjustment is applied. The monthly rate is adjusted to $260 per month and pays $1560 for the remainder of the contract cycle. That represents just under two-thirds of the annualized rate and they are getting two-thirds of the traffic.

General Contract Terms

Ad Rotation

All ad positions rotate. This means that ads are displayed for twenty seconds each and then change. Within that position block (an ad or group of ads at a specific position on the page or pages designated) ads are randomly displayed so that each advertiser has an equal opportunity on each page load of being the "top-most" or "left-most" ad in the block.

No ad block on a designated page will be loaded at a level of greater than two-to-one. If an ad block has five ad positions no more than ten banners will be sold for that block. With the twenty second rotation, this means that each ad will normally be seen once each page view (as page views currently average over forty-five seconds).

This restriction does not apply to ads that are run of the site. As an example, if you have an ad that is specified for the Destin cam page and run of the site you are guaranteed your position and two-to-one ad-to-block ratio for the Destin cam page but other ads on other pages may have higher ratios.

Ad Design

You can either provide banner images (per our specifications) or have design and produce your banner for you. If you provide the banner image(s) you may update them once every three months (the initial banner(s) and three subsequent updates). If we produce the banner(s) we will create an initial design and, if requested, one update at or about the six month point of the run. Short contracts will receive only an initial design and no updates.

Reporting will provide (via email) a report on the number of impressions (ad views) and the number of clicks each month. will also provide a limited access account to our Google Analytics account that will allow you to review overall site traffic. This report will not allow detailed review of the Analytics data as much of that information is proprietary and would allow competitors a significant (and unfair) advantage.

Click-Through Programs

If desired, will quote a click-through advertising rate. The customer will specify the maximum number of clicks at that rate which will be accepted over the life of the contract. When that number is reached, the ad will terminate unless the maximum clicks payable is increased, in writing, by the customer. Monthly reports will show the total clicks each month. It is the customer's responsibility to notify of any desired increase.

Please note that we do not encourage this option for our local advertisers. Frankly, it is more profitable for us but we sincerely believe that it is disadvantageous for our advertisers. Review the discussion under Beachview Info . Sponsorship . Advertising Rates for more information.

Available Positions and Rates 

All rates quoted are monthly on a full season contract. See above discussion for partial season adjustments

Top Left / All Pages .:. $500


Top Left Position, Run of Site


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