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Jun 9

Written by: metzke
6/9/2009 7:43 PM 

Beware of "False Friends" lurking in your Facebook pages. Scammers are taking their high tech skills to a lousy new level targeting the popular on-line social networking icon Facebook. People are clicking on message links from their friends only to find they are unknowingly downloading spyware and keyloggers onto their computers. Once in place, this software provides a wealth of personal data information to the cyber-snoopers. It is a verified trend that ID thieves are now investing a lot of time pentrating the many new social networks. Be warned, be aware and be careful.

1. Do Not Click on Links provided in an FB message, even from friends...unless you check with a cell call or an off site email. 2. Make your Facebook account PRIVATE so only friends can see your personal info. 3.Scan your computer with an UPDATED antivirus program (Avast is a free download). 4. Be suspicious of anyone, even a "friend" who asks for money over the Internet. Again verufy with a phone call.  You can report suspicious activity on the social networks to the Internet Crime Complaint Center at


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