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It starts like this... I have a pet Labrador Retriever that really belongs to someone else!

I love my dog Sam. I found him in an Animal Shelter about to be put down. He was a Hurricane Katrina Survivor Dog. He had heart worms and it was very epensesive to treat him. I was going by the cages reading the profiles and when I read his to my wife over  the phone, she said, " He is the One". So I brought him home.

Upon arrival I found that my new dog was totally trained! He knew, Sit, Come, Kennel Up, Shake, Lie down, NO, and my favorite ...he did #2 upon command.

I realize that out there somewhere, somebody mourns the loss of the pet they could not take with them during the Hurricane evacuation. His first master must wonder whatever happended to his dog that he spent so much time training and loving. I know there is  man out there that is heartbroken over his lost dog.

I can never tell him that his dog lives at the beach and runs and plays everyday on the sand. Sam is getting grey now with age and he often has bad nightmares from all he went through. But he is loved and very well taken care of. I can never find this person and give him his dog back. But somewhere, a man sits at Christmas, hoping his dog is in a "better place".

Well, he is. My house. I thank that man for all the love and care he gave training him.... and for all the love Sam gives me everyday....... Merry Christmas.

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