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...oooops Big Red did it again. I am now starting to look back at ATT and/or the iPhone. Yes I have an ATT iPhone 4 sitting in my dresser drawer. I jumped into Android phones last year and was hooked. Only to be sitting and waiting as Verizon tries to get it's act together. Remember the ads for the Thunder Bolt? I got the first one at Best Buy... that first release morning. Over the next 36 hours, while working WITH the BB Verizon sales rep, I went through three more phones before returning the last one for a store credit! The speaker phone was horrible. My callers told me to hang-up. Even the Verizon rep told me it was awful. The Bolt weighs a ton and the battery life is... short. Now let's Charge forward to that ill-fated Verizon 4G launch #2 by Samsung. The Samsung Charge. Release date April 28. As I write on May 9 it is still in warehouses all over the country. A no go. Seems the 4G phone does not play nice with a 3G network. Testing has found people having dropped, frozen, and rebooting going from the limited 4G areas to 3G. The phone has a kick butt sceen, but only a single core procssor. It is loaded with Verizon bloatware you can not remove. Oh if you surf the web, get ready for a jerky ride as the screen lags a few seconds behind your finger. Simple fix though....just disable Java. Not what I call enhancing the web presentation. My feelings after reading forums for the last few weeks is Verizon's phone is not ready for Prime Time yet. As with the ThunderBolt, the consumer , would end up being the final testing phase. Verizon won't come out and say WHY the phone is on hold at the gate. But the forums have given some insight into what the plethera of problems might be. Now go read about the Samsung Galaxy II !! I think I will save my voucher for that baby. Even if the stork brings it in 2012!

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