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Ok, I am a Best Buy Junkie. Cannot pass up the store if I go by it. I have bought all my TV's from them. Example...a  $2000 50" Samsung Plasma I bought 4 years ago...with the Extended Coverage. The man said, "Buy the warranty, if we can't fix it we'll give you a new one". Not so fast my friends. In May 2010 I got 1/2 a screen on the TV, so I called for service. Being outside the 36 mile coverage area they assigned me to a repair center out of Miami (only 500 miles away). Waiting a week, I called back and found out they did not cover my joke. So they assigned me to a company out of Atlanta (250 miles away). They did have a great guy in Tally who came out and said I needed a main board. I waited a week and he calls and comes out and installs the main board. That worked for two days...same 1/2 screen showed up. So I call the Geek Squad, and they gave me back to Atlanta, where my repairman orderd a whole new screen. But now, the screen is on Back order! 10 days later, the screen comes in and the service man installs it. The TV still does not work!!! I put in for my third request for service and was told they were ordering still another screen!!! I'm getting short of breathe at this time, so I say *&#@!! and go back to Best Buy and buy an new 50" Samsung which is now $899.00 on special. In the meantime, it is now August, the second screen comes in. The repairman comes out and behold it is the wrong screen in the right box! The repairman and I sit on the sofa and cry together. I call in my fourth service call. ("We'll fix it or give you a new one..." should be changed to "we will fix it until you die"). Finally, after another week, I get the call that they are junking out my TV and I should go pick out a new one. I go to BB in Tally and wait 30 minutes for Customer service, get directed to video department with new paperwork, get directed back to Customer service for another 30 minutes and finally with a second set of paperwork am told to call Geek squad for delivery time. I call when I get back to the house and GS lady says I am outside the 36 mile delivery radius. I told her we have been all through that at the BB store and I would pay the 129.00 extra to haul off the junker  and get my new TV. She would call me the next day with a delivery date. Three days go by and no call. So I call the Geek squad back first thing Moday morning and the agent hangs up on me! So I take a deep breath, call my local store, ask for a manager and she will get back to me! MORAL: if you live out side the 36 mile store limit don't buy the warranty. If you add up all my time and getting stressed out, just throw the broken thing away and buy a new one. It will not only be cheaper by then, but far less hassle. Update: I got my local store. RaShandra the mgr got me fixed up with only two phone calls. Thanks RaShandra. But think twice about those Extended Warraties!

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