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Building a Web site is easy. A 14 year old kid can do it, right? Not so fast... Although the construction of your site may be easy due to the tools available today, there are things behind the scenes that will drastically determine whether your website is an effective and visible advertising entity.  A website is the best bang-for-the-buck for your advertising dollar. Just look at print ad rates and radio and television, whew! Plus the site will be up there 24/7/365. The secret is will it be seen by anybody. Sure there are tricks webmasters use like keywords, etc. But is the site hosted properly? Webmasters can be like snake-oil salesmen of the 1800's... "why I can host your site for 8.95 a year!"  Sure they can, and along with many more clients on the same shared IP!

What is a dedicated IP and is it important? Find out before you switch to that bargin offer. Also moving an old established web site to a new host can make you start all over with the search engine game. Your site can lose it's position, if your webmaster does not perform certain programming steps.

Now that you have your new site, how do clients see it? Search Engines of course, but more importantly it helps if it has lots of links to and from, and even better if it featured on a high-trafficed portal site. (Yeah, that cost money. But one sale usually pays for that!) Keeping your website on a portal site is like having a billboard. You can take your fancy new billboard and place it in the middle of a Nebraska cornfield (no portal) or place your billboard on the corner of Broadway and 42cd street (with portal). Now which position will get  your site more viewings?

People that own commercial websites for their business or service usually are not well educated in the fine art of Internet advertising. Honestly, their time is best spent runnig their own business. They sometimes just look at the bottom line, and save a few dollars, take the cheap Internet road,  and will over time lose thousands. What is worse they can lose to the point that their site is inefffective.

So if you are either building your first commercial website or just considering moving to a"better deal" there are consequences to your actions. You need to be aware of them so you can make the best decision for your company's advertising dollar and future.

Word List FYI: Dedicated IP vs. Shared IP, Keywords, Portal Site, Domain Name and Hosting costs, Search Engine Placement, Website Ad Rates, Links. These are a few of the things you NEED to know about before you act!

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