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850-653-9888 -- 15 Avenue D, Apalachicola, FL
Menu features daily Chef's elections, exotic imported dishes to fresh seafood. Spacious dining areas, comfortable seating and views of the city and river make a visit the the Owl Cafe a memorable one.
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For nearly fifteen years, has been an outstanding source of information for visitors to our beautiful North Florida beaches. It's pretty clear from our name that we give you a direct view of the beach to allow you to observe current conditions. In addition, we have long provided weather information to assist in your planning -- a feature that we've significantly expanded in our latest upgrade with radar maps and weather links for each of our camera locations. And we've provided lists of charter fishing opportunities and some other local attractions to give you an idea of the options available during your visit.

As we look to the future, we plan to significantly expand the resources we provide. It is our goal to become the best available central clearinghouse of every type of information you might need (or just want) related to your beach experience. One of the first areas of concentration will be in the dining category. Our initial focus in this area will be to provide a list of area restaurants which you can sort by location or cuisine. Later, we hope to add a rating function to allow our visitors to post their opinions of the restaurants they patronize during their stay. It's nice to know which restaurants can handle your family crowd of in-laws, parents, grandparents, and a dozen children ranging from two to teens. Or which out-of-the-way spot is great for a quiet dinner for two. That's what we want to be able to let you know.

As always, we welcome your input. If you have suggestions for what information would be most useful, let us know. If there's a restaurant we miss as we roll out this new section, don't let it be forgotten. If you've got some pictures of a great party at an area eatery, send them along. The power of the Internet is in sharing information. If you learn something during your visit to our area that you think would help someone else have a more enjoyable experience, tell us about it. You can email us or use our contact form. Either way, we would love to hear from you!

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