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Events .:. Destin, Fort Walton Beach & Vicinity
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Community Events .:. Under Development

The community events calendars are a new feature of the site. They are currently in late-stage development and have been loaded here to assist our module developer in debugging a conflict between the events module and other tools we already use. This early deployment will also allow our visitors to take advantage of the feature and we hope it will encourage those who have events to be submitted.

The look you see here presented for Destin represents the direction the Community Events pages are heading. The wider body allows us to present more information in the Calendar View and also allows more events to be displayed in the List View. We are also switching to List View as the default.

We are considering (that bold there means we're stressing the considering part, folks) adding Calendar Coordinators for each of the three regions. These are not paying jobs... don't get too excited. Calendar Coordinators would be responsible for reviewing upcoming events in their region and loading them into the calendar for the benefit of everyone. One reason that this is just at the considering stage is that we (here at are pretty picky. The proper person would have exceptional attention to detail, be able to write a coherent sentence -- pretty rare these days -- and have the time and motivation to put into keeping things current for little more than the thank you they would get from us and our visitors. One reason this potential is not blared in an announcement at the top of the page is that if you read this blurb, there's a chance you're the kind of person we could use! If you might be interested in the position that might be open and think you might meet our strict criteria, stop by the feedback form and drop us a note. (And no, there's no link there... If you can't find it you failed the first test!)

At this time it appears that the bugs have been eliminated for Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome users. Internet Explorer users still experience transparent pop-ups when they click on the events that makes them nearly impossible to read. We are continuing to work with our developers to correct this last bug. Placing IE8 in "Compatibility Mode" takes care of the transparency bug, but causes the popup bar to "crunch up". It's usable, but not so pretty.

In order to submit your events, you must be a registered user of the site. If you click the 'Register' link at the lower right of the header section of the screen you can get registered. You will be sent an email with a verification code which you must use to complete your registration process. Once you verify your registration, you will have access to post your events and we invite you to do so.

Remember that when you post an event it will not be immediately displayed. A administrator must approve it first. This avoids any problem with fake or inappropriate event postings.

The calendar will be open to everyone in all regions to add the events of their business, community service organization, church, or baseball card collecting club. If you think that folks might be interested in your scheduled event, you'll be able to upload it here. We will review events to ensure that there are no abuses (and may kick out a few... Your Spock Ears collecting club probably won't make the grade) and then get them online. The more people who know what you're doing, the more people that may show up!

Please bear with us as we work out the last few bugs. We look forward to your entries. As always your feedback is desired.

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