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This page is a listing of charter fishing guides and vessels. Captains... it is a free listing!

If you would like you and your vessel to be listed here, please send an email to the webmaster (or use our contact form) with the name of your vessel, your name, your contact phone number and your web and email addresses.

We'll get you added to the list as soon as possible.

Light Tackle Fishing Capt. Milton Tarpley 850-899-9056 Click to Visit
Hooked Charters Capt. Dwayne Coulter 850-370-6150 Click to Visit
Fishing, boating and sight-seeing charters available.
Shore Thang Charters Capt. Hal Tarpley 850-227-6272 Click to Visit
The Miss Tory Capt. Charles Wilson Click to Visit
A Bay Charter Captain Goodrich 850-Bay-Fish Click to Visit
Tall Tales Fishing Charters Capt. Tim Harvey 850-229-7149 Click to Visit
Book Me A Charter 850-653-2622 Click to Visit
Charter bookings in the Apalachicola area.
Charles Offshore Charters Capt. Charlie Logue 850-927-3351
email: charleslogue@hotmail.com
TopKnots Charters Capt. Alex Crawford 850-653-1325 Click to Visit
Fish Eye Charters Capt. Chuck Mansfield 850-697-8765 Click to Visit
Robinson Bros. Guide Service 850-653-8896 Click to Visit
My Fishing Adventures Charters Capt. Cash Moody 850-509-1376 Click to Visit
Blew-by-You Capt. Dolph Wintker 850-927-4050 Click to Visit
Drift Away Charters Capt. Charles Hurst
Natural World Charters Capt. Chester Reese 850-228-9060 Click to Visit
Miss Teak Capt. Al Knapp 850-545-3474 Click to Visit
Z- Horse Charters Capt. David Zeigler 850-228-6091 Click to Visit
Sea Wolf Charters 229-435-6326
email: rjosseys@cs.com
V & M Charters Capt. Mike Branch 863-644-1707 Click to Visit
Island Charters Capt. Bob McDaris 850-899-0455
Captain Randy's Capt. Randy Craft 800-897-7106
Three Cats 850-697-3433
The Marlin Capt. Russell Lee 850-697-4117
Forgotten Coast Charters Capt. David Proctor 850-294-2291 Click to Visit
Sole Searcher Charters Capt. Bob Soderholm 850-697-2648
Reef Raider Charters Capt. Greg Newman 850-697-4120
Fly Fishing Guide Capt. Wayne Todd 850-575-1954
Fly Fishing Guide Capt. Anthony Stone 850-697-4682
Blue Gill Capt. Doug Kirtley 850-349-2112
Flats Fishing Capt. Shellie Rowell 850-697-2407
Salty Native Charters Capt. Brittany
Capt. Tim
850-570-6424 Click to Visit
Speedy "G" Capt. Clay Oaks 850-926-1115
Barefoot Charters Capt. Vic Davis 850-879-0216 Click to Visit
Oaks Offshore Charter Capt. Chris Oaks 850-926-3762
Miss A.T and Miss A.T.2 Capt. Larry Tucker 850-984-5206
Chasin'Tail Capt. Seth Oaks 850-519-1917 Click to Visit
Light Tackle Charters Capt. Chuck Simpson 850-544-5713 Click to Visit
Breakaway Capt. Jerry Alexander 850-926-1768
Kirk's Inshore Charters Capt. Wade Kirk 251-591-4398 Click to Visit
Dauphin Island, Alabama Inshore Fishing
Florida Charter Fishing Capt. Mark Lyons 727-776-7719 Click to Visit
All-Inclusive Sportfishing Capt. Jon Molesky 954-761-1066 Click to Visit
"The Rules" -- Florida Fishing Regulations

While Florida is eager to have our visitors from the rest of the nation (and, in fact, the planet!) join in the world-class fishing available, there are rules. Some of these are to protect the fishermen and others are to protect the fish and ensure that they are available for the enjoyment of every generation yet to come.

Before you set out with rod and reel, check out the Florida Fishing Regulations or consult an expert (such as one of the captains listed here).

Enjoy your Florida fishing experience, and come back again soon!

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