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This page is a listing of charter fishing guides and vessels. Captains... it is a free listing!

If you would like you and your vessel to be listed here, please send an email to the webmaster (or use our contact form) with the name of your vessel, your name, your contact phone number and your web and email addresses.

We know there are more charter fishing boats than this working out of Panama City, Panama City Beach and the nearby Gulf communities. Let us hear from you so we can get you added to this list!

We'll get you added to the list as soon as possible.

Charter Fishing Vessels/Companies
Margie's Girl Capt. Ernie Russell 850-527-5188 Click to Visit
Alternate phone: 850-763-7383 Email: bigfish@pcfishingtrip.com
Reel 'em In Charters Capt. Dave Jacobs 850-271-0184 Click to Visit
Alternate phone: 850-814-7556 Also offering dolphin tours!
TNT Guide Service Capt. Greg Moorman 850-866-6740 Click to Visit
Alternate phone: 850-774-8225
Fishin' Fool Capt. Troy Branham 850-774-9391 Click to Visit
"The Rules" -- Florida Fishing Regulations

While Florida is eager to have our visitors from the rest of the nation (and, in fact, the planet!) join in the world-class fishing available, there are rules. Some of these are to protect the fishermen and others are to protect the fish and ensure that they are available for the enjoyment of every generation yet to come.

Before you set out with rod and reel, check out the Florida Fishing Regulations or consult an expert (such as one of the captains listed here).

Enjoy your Florida fishing experience, and come back again soon!

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